We started in 2006 at the 26th of Februari 2012 we will play our last show, thanks!

woensdag 4 mei 2011

Summer is coming!

Its been a while since our last update and to be honest not that much happend.
Some of us were really busy with their school, others started other bands and went on tour with other bands.
Anyways we got new stuff planned..we are really excited that we are going on two week tour with our friends from Boredom in Scandinavia.The last time we went to the north it was an awesome experience so this should be great aswell...We still could use some help with dates, so feel free to write us or help us out if you have an idea.
We also have some shows planned for june and we gonna start rehearsing again in a couple of weeks and make songs for our upcoming full length!
Here are the dates for the Scandinavian tour, hope to see you there!
04/06 Antwerpen@Antifa Picnic
16/06 Groningen@Crowbar w/ Victims(swe)
05/08 Bremen@G18
06/08 Kopenhagen@Ungdomshuset
07/08 Gothenburg
08/08 Oslo@Blitz
09/08 Bergen@Tba
10/08 Trondheim
11/08 Umea
12/08 Lulea@Tba
13/08 Oulu@Ykä's pub
14/08 Tampere@Herrta
15/08 Helsinki@Oranns
16/08 Stockholm@Grundbult
1708 Linköping
18/08 Malmo
19/08 Hamburg@Rote Flora


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