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donderdag 27 januari 2011

Tourreport Boredom/Sandcreekmassacre tour


Last summer we and Boredom planned to do a tour together in cold January, this is how i experienced it.

We started this tour off in Nijmegen where we played the new years eve party...it was also the only show of this tour with Peter who couldn't come this tour cause he is in school and couldn't get the days off...we all decided we should do this tour so the rest of the days Nick played guitar.
Nijmegen was great, amazing party lots of friends and our buddy Flo from Germany came along and decided to join us on some days..

January 1st started of pretty lame since we all partied way to much and we had the amazing idea to have one more rehearsal before leaving to Bielefeld with Nick. Our friends Sascha and Ruth made great breakfast so that made things a bit easier...after rehearsing from 12 till 15 we packed our shit and drove to Bielefeld where we met Jonas and Joschi who were crazy and helpful enough to set up a show on January 1st...we had a great soup and typical German hospitality(friendly people, club mate, fuss ball).
The show turned out pretty good, 10-20 people showed up and i guess they kinda liked it...a show is already a success if the promoter is awesome, since we knew Jonas it was just great to hang out with him. After the show we went to Joschis house and just sat for a couple of hours and talked about message boards and Flo played some oasis covers which was nice the first 5 minutes..after that it was just really annoying ina positive way.Slept in a real Bed which was great

Waking up in Bielefeld...seriously we had one of the greatest breakfasts ever..really impressive..its great if people take the time to set up a show for you and than to top it all up be super nice and make you feel at home...left after breakfast said goodbye to our friends, squeezed everybody in the car and drove to Hannover.
Arrived in Hannover at the Stumpf and found Dominik behind the bar, again a good friend of us doing the show which makes things comfortable from the start..had a great curry and some people started to get in. Dominik told us that the band were we were supposed to play with canceled so we were the only band again..so we thought, cause after the show tow guys came up to us and asked us if they could borrow all of our stuff. nice people that we are we said sure...the guitar player started hitting his head against my cymbals and things only got more awesome from that band, 10 minutes of complete mayhem...i got sick after that.
we walked home to dominiks place and went to sleep very quick...spend the night NOT sleeping, sweating walking to the toilet 100000 times and being extremely annoyed by all my band mates cause they made a shitload of noise(snoring).

03-01 KOMA-F in BERLIN
Woke up and felt really sick. Dominik made a super nice breakfast with DIY spreads and coffee and so on.Before we left we first went to the Muffin-Man(They make Vegan Muffins and we think that is great) said goodbye to Dominik and dropped off Flo at the train station..had to go home cause he had to tour with his own shitty band ;).
Drove to Berlin and had text contact with Boredom...we were supposed to tour with the from Berlin on..we decided to meet up with them at YoYos(vegan fast food place in Berlin which we think is the best thing ever), got more and more sick on the way there. Met our friends from Boredom in YoYos and ordered a insane amount of vegan junk food...things started of great. made me very happy to see all these lovely people.
Drove to Köpi, You cant park in the yard anymore cause the Koma-f which is in the basement is about to collapse which makes playing in that basement extra cool :)
I want you dead from Greece started playing, great band didn't got the chance to spend time with them, after that we played and the Koma-F was completely packed on a Monday night! great that people actually care to come out for a show in the freezing cold and support some touring bands...show was awesome and when Boredom started playing as last band lots of people went nuts...went to bed kinda early cause i felt really bad at this point, woke up in the middle of the night when my friends were sitting in front of this gas heater(cause it was fucking cold in the band room) telling each other funny stories..made me feel good!

Woke up and it was still really cold...left after breakfast and since Boredom ahd to bring their car away cause it needed a fix we had some time to go to YoYos again...Burgers for breakfast!
Relaxed ride to Hamburg(one of the things that made this tour so relaxed were the drives, they were short). pretty excited for this show since it was done by our really dear friend Jano who was our driver on our last big tour..hes a great guy and a really good friend, i guess i can say it made us feel really good when we saw him.Really nice location..a collective house with a big kitchen and relaxed living room...in the really small basement they do shows(small basements are good, it makes your concert look packed)
It turned out to be an amazing night, lots of people and friends showed up and a good vibe in general...when i went to bed most of the people were still having fun and listening to Weezer.

Waking up early cause most of us wanted to have a walk in Hamburg city, the show itself was in this part of the city called Wilhelmsburg which is in the middle of the big harbor of Hamburg...great area, low renting so alot of immigrants, left winged and anarchist people are moving there and settling and starting up vokus and info shops.
Anyways we wanted to go to Hin and Veg another Vegan fast food cafe in the city and some of us wanted to go record shopping and actually see something of the town you are in.We spent some hours in the city and than said good bye to our friends Jano and Wiebke and left for Emmen.
Relaxed drive to Emmen and i was getting better..we chose to play in Emmen cause in our opinion its a great place, its a squat that has been going on a for a while and doing lots of social stuff like a freeshop, vegan voku, shows and a foodbank...the people there are relatively young and really motivated, anyways a really inspiring place to be.We arrived together with Boredom and had some food and figured out what to do..after a while our friends from Landverraad showed up, we asked the people who did the two dutch shows if they could play cause its an awesome band and their good friends. us and Boredom palyed and than Landverraad nailed it...awesome show, great speeches, humor..just had it all.After the show we decided to go to Zwolle to spent the night there...Phil Collins was on the radio so i missed all three exits of Zwolle on the motor way which made us arrive kinda late :)

Waking up in my own bed on tour was a kind of strange experience but my illness was completely gone, Landverraad stayed at Kims place so we all went there to have an amazing breakfast..after breakfast we drove the short drive to Hengelo and met our friend Thomas who was putting up the show. Again an amazing night and all our friends from Zwolle, Nijmegen and Hengelo came by to support this show, which made it a big succes. We played our best set of the tour and the night was really nice..ended up chatting and telling funny stories in the backstage of the Inno..had a good night rest.

Had a good breakfast since we had shitloads of leftovers from the day before when we had the breakfast of champions at Kims place...We had a lot of spare time so some people stayed in the venue to hang around and some other people including me went to buy stuff(we needed) in the city, i needed a sleeping bag since i had my sleeping bag when i was 7 and it was cold and smelly. Went to an outdoor store and from the moment we walked in the whole security-team was watching us, ended up buying the sleeping bag(really happy with it). after that left to Cologne and made one more stop at a music store for sticks and cables and what not.
We played the wagenplatz before and i really love this place..its beautiful not too big and the people there are just really nice, Till was doing the show who we know a bit from the days when he was playing in Finisterre. Again had great food..its amazing how people who set up shows put so much effort in making really good band food.
KSM-40 a band from Cologne played first and the room started to fill up, after that we played and again the room was completely full..again it great stuff that people actually care about bands playing in diy venue and come to support and make a great night...Boredom wrapped it all up after us.
A lot of friends showed up and we just chatted the night away and fell asleep in our own wagon...Nick left for some party in Köln of an old friend.

Woke up and got a message from Nick if we could pick him up somewhere in Cologne, we said no and slept some more.
After a great breakfast we went to a record store and reunited with Nick who had amazing stories about his night..bought some records and went back to the wagenplatz were we ate some more and than said goodbye and left. The night before our friend Philipp invited us to come over to his new housing-collective and have a look. He and 12 other people rented this old factory and built some more rooms in it, seemed like alot of work but i was really inspired by all this activity and nice work. Looked really cool, They also made a deal with the local Vegan/organic supplier and everyhting that is overdated can be picked up, we took some nice vegan stuff and said goodbye to our friend and went to Karlsruhe.
Drive to Karlsruhe was great, beautiful part of Germany and lots of B-roads which makes driving more fun.The club where we were playing looked really fancy, we met our good friend Stryker and he told us its really hard to set up shows in Karlsruhe cause theres no autonomous places...we were really happy cause the promoter Flo made us nice chili and we could meet some of our good friends from post war depression. Still it felt like the last day of tour cause it was the last show together with Boredom, we just decided to make this night a real party night, when the show started the venue was pretty much packed which is always good, other bands were great too bad that no one took the sexist banner down, still it was all fun and after the show we decided to stay in the venue to party more, after a while Mikey came up to me and told me that the bouncer of the venue kicked somebody's ass and we decided not to stay since we dont wanna stay in a place were people like bouncers can freely kick somebody's ass, outside there was a shitload of cops and we waited for everybody to get out and to go to another place, Nick dissapeared(AGAIN!) and later we found out he met someone and decided to visit a castle or something in the city. Went to another Bar and stayed there for long and drank and danced till the early morning, after that we went back to somebody's house(im not sure who's house it was) and talked for a bit and all went to bed.

Waking up again in a real bad surrounded by people i care about....amazing!So we have breakfast, everybody is already depressed as fuck since we have to say goodbye in a couple of hours, we have to go to Luxembourg and Boredom to some place in the south of Germany.
Saying goodbye this time was really annoying, Boredom and us have known each other for a while now and weve been helping eachother out on tours and been really doing our split "together", its always good to see them so saying goodbye was pretty shitty..after alot of hugging and saying goodbye to our post war depression friends we went our ways.
The Drive to Luxembourg was great, good vibes in the car and lots of talking and good conversations..Arriving in Luxembourg city and driving around for an hour to find a parking spot was kinda shitty, again the place was really fancy and there were already some people to welcome us. after a while Yves came in with food and was happy to see us. Good show, i guess people really liked it and thats good...we had to go directly after the show cause we had along drive up ahead and some of us had school or work the day after.
The drive home was really nice, really nice talks and i really wanna see Luxembourg again, cause even though it was dark i think the country looks pretty nice.
Made a stop at Nicks place and in Nijmegen to drop off Dave and then went home back to Zwolle...
Fell asleep in my own bed wishing i was in some AZ or squat with all my buddies at 5 in the morning.

This tour was awesome, the shows were good and touring together with Boredom was just really nice...really hope we can do this again some day and we miss you!
Thank you to all the people who again helped us out, were happy to see us and did all they could to make it a nice evening...Thanks to all our friends in Nijmegen and Flow-rider, Thank you Jonas and Joschi for helping out, Dominik being nice and finally got us a show in the Stumpf, Loewe and all the people that showed up in Berlin, Jano and Wiebke and all our HH and Braindead buddies, Emmen was great thank you Niels and the Spoorloos crew, Also a big thanks to Thomas and all our friends in Zwolle, Hengelo and Nijmegen for making this a kick ass night, Thank you Till, Phillipp, Tick and Ben for doing what you do, Stryker,Vroni and Flo for making the last night awesome,Yves Thank you for luxembourg and the rice salad!
A big hug for the Boredom crew and the Landverraad kids..we love you! and Nick thank you so much for helping out and being awesome...thanks for all the shitty HC trivia!

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