We started in 2006 at the 26th of Februari 2012 we will play our last show, thanks!


Sandcreekmassacre demo tape and cd 2007
This is our first recording, we recorded it one day in Het Podium in Hoogeveen with the help of this guy Frank who was a friend of our former bass player Frank "Kapoen". We got in touch with Bored to the core records from Singapore who pressed 500 cds of it, we did the tapes and the artwork ourselfs.
      We sold it out on our second euro tour. 
Sand Creek Massacre demo tape and cd
60 Tapes & 500 Cds
Artwork : Erik
Bored To The Core(sin)
Sandcreekmassacre & M40 split 7" 2009
On our first tour we got in touch with the band M40 from Sweden, we played a couple of shows together in Czech and Germany and stayed in touch, after a while we decided that we wanted to do a split together. M40 allready released some Music with Danne who is doing Halvfabrikat records and was willing to help us out on this release, he joined forces with Headnoise from Russia and Tank records from France. We recorded everything in the Sing sing studios with the help of Milan in one day, we actually recorded more songs that were released but we never had the chance to release those songs
Sand Creek Massacre & M40 split 7"
500 Pieces
Artwork: Simon & Erik
Sandcreekmassacre & Years of decay split 12" 2010
On our second tour we played with YOD in Wuppertal on a great festival, we didnt really got the chance to hang out but 6 months later they sended us an email if we were interested in doing a split with them. We liked their music and the idea so we said yes...we didnt had much time than cause the release was planned 5 months later. We recorded 4 songs for this record in the sing sing studio in three days..we were really satisfied with the recordings and still are. Our friend Danne from halvfabrikat was again more than happy to help out and our buddy from the city of Zwolle Ton whos doing an amazing job running Crashlandingrecords was also willing to help out, YOD managed to get alot of french and german labels to help out which made this record really well distributed which is great..again thanks to YOD for taking care of alot of stuff to make this thing happend.
Sand Creek Massacre & Years Of Decay Split 12"
1000 Pieces
Artwork: http://www.lioneltarchala.com/
Kink rec.(de)
I Feel Good(fr)

Blackout Brigade(fr)
Subversive Ways(fr)
Sandcreekmassacre & Boredom split 7" 2010
I guess we met Marian who is playing in an awesome Austrian band called Plague mass becuase we were setting up a show for them, he mentioned he was playing in a new band called Boredom and lter we got an email from them if we wanted to do a split with them. since we really like doing splits we said yes! this is our latest release and we are really happy about it..not only because of the songs and stuff but most of all cause we created a true friendship while making this split, also we really worked together on making this happend which is not always an easy thing if you thousands of KM from eachother..this record is recorded, released and done by friends and friendship which is great. we recorded it with our friend Beau from Amsterdam in this great place called the OCCII in one day, the artwork is great and exactly what we wanted and done by a friend from Berlin.Than after an amazing amount off fuck ups and stuff we finally released it in the late summer of 2010 with great help from our friends in Slovenia, Germany, Hungary and Sweden. We are very very happy with this release!
Sandcreekmassacre & Boredom split 7"
524 pieces
Panda Banda(slo)