We started in 2006 at the 26th of Februari 2012 we will play our last show, thanks!

vrijdag 27 januari 2012

SCM ends

We decided to stop playing with our band Sand Creek Massacre.Its a really simple reason, all of us dont have the motivation,time or inspiration anymore to keep this band going. I guess its a really logical thing that can happened after playing actively in a band for 5 years, priorities change and its just hard to keep things going and be excited about it at the same time. We toured all over Europe(180 shows) and we met amazing people and got the chance to see the most inspiring places around Europe, along the way we also created some really intense friendships that became really important. Theres a shitload of people that we wanna thank and we probably forgot alot, anyways. Thank you to all the people that ever decided to reply on one of our emails or decided to get in touch with us for a show. We all felt like a bunch of privileged fucks to eat the food that you made, to play the venue were you put up shows or were everyone is actively involved in and to meet you all..Thank you Melete,Alpinist,M40,Boredom,Finisterre to share weeks or weekends with us and for still being our friends, Thanks to all the Labels that put alot of effort in helping with releases and so on.Thanks to all the people that ever helped us out in anyway, honestly it always ment and still means the world to us!
We play our last show on Februari 26th In Nijmegen in De Onderbroek with our friend Boredom,Finisterre, Geranium and Siphilisation.


Dave,Peter,Kim & Erik

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