We started in 2006 at the 26th of Februari 2012 we will play our last show, thanks!

maandag 19 september 2011

And before you know it...

...Summer is over.
We had an amazing summer, did some nice shows and spended some more time with eachother and some of us decided to go to School and others decided to not go to School.
Our highlight was probably The Scandinavia tour with our dearest and lovely friends of Boredom, we had an amazing time and saw beautifull stuff and met the nicest and most awesome people ever. To share all this with 6 Friends from Austria is just amazing. So thank you so much Wolfi, Michi,Mikey,Chris, Lukas and Marian ui dont think a blogspot update can describe how much this ment to us!
Also Thank you Finisterre,Jano and HH buddys,Magnus,Kiwi&Ungdomshuset, Josefyn, Andrea, Adde&Grundbulten, Leo&Eskilstuna HC, Seve,Jere,Ane Vegane,Hanna and all our Heslinki Buddies,Sakk, Asa and everyone in Gothenburg, Danny and the G18crew, Viktor and Anton..All the bands that we met, All the people that took the effort to come out, all the cooks,epic nature, mooses, reindeers, eriks mom and dad!

We had alot of talks while driving this tour and we are gonna work our asses off to make a nice record, we wont rush we did that too much over the last couple of years(we played our 180 show this tour) we will do some shows but wont book any tours i guess..except for a nice weekend in januari in Germany with our buddys from Finisterre!So keep an eye on this web-thingie, help Boredom out cause they need some shows in October ,Dave and Erik will tour with Sloth (www.sloth.noblogs.org) in November, Start a band or a fire.


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